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Sustainable Confidence Workshop 🌸

This workshop will focus on dismantling the lies of "fake it til you make it" and "quick fix confidence" hacks and centre the concept of building confidence as a muscle that holds the weight of our human experience (and doesn't crumble when human things happen).

Which means your confidence is rooted in knowing who you are & what you stand for, instead of how you are perceived or what is expected of you.



Social Media Consent Workshop 📲

If you utilize social media to pay your bills and make your life happen but want to learn how to make it more consensual so it honours not only your boundaries, but the experience of those who follow you - this is for you.

We cover topics like "if they consent to following you, they consent to all of you" while also covering the responsibility social media creators hold with a digital platform.



  • please note that this session does not have a separate enrolment page as it is the replay of the education portion of this 2 day workshop. If you have questions on if this session fits your current needs please email [email protected]
I.C.O.N.I.C Leadership Workshop ⚡️

This workshop breaks down the practices of being an I.C.O.N.I.C leader which means leading with Integrity, Clear communication, Ownership, Nuance, Intention & Impact, Consent & Capacity.This workshop replay is part one of a two day workshop I held back in 2021. In this workshop you will learn not only what you can do to infuse more autonomy and choice into your style of leadership, you will also learn what to look out for in spaces where cult-tactics of authoritarian control are used under the guise of "good leadership"/"great marketing". This workshop also allows for an upgrade to include day 2 which is an individualized session where we look at your style of leadership, your offers and your marketing to see where you can infuse more consent, choice and collaborative leadership (while honouring who you are as a leader). 


*Please note this session does not have a separate enrolment page as it is the replay of just the education portion. If you have questions about this session please email [email protected]


Becoming an effective online educator ✨ NEW ✨

This workshop will help you sharpen your skills as an educator online with digital brand.

  • How to stand in your own knowledge, personality and approach, while effectively communicating that in your marketing.
  • Understanding the power dynamics that can come from being in a position of authority and ensuring you're honouring the humans who are consenting to being in your space.
  • What it looks like to open the space to be questioned and earn the trust of your students overtime.
  • Breakdown of knowing what your teaching style and leadership style is so you can create a clear understanding for your students of what participation looks like.
  • Standing strong in who you are, what you have to offer and the depth of your knowledge, while also holding space to not have all the answers.
*because of changes with our email provider, please allow for 24 hours to receive your replay and please check your junk! 


The foundation (1)

An in-depth look at building an ethical & iconic brand online. This program looks at infusing consent into how you create, consume and market on social media. Perfect if you're looking for:

🪩 A strong, vibrant digital presence that honours you & the humans who consent to being in your space

🪩 Sustainable confidence in your work, your messaging, your scope and how you communicate your brilliance online.

🪩 An open dialogue about harmful leadership & marketing tactics and tools/skills to support your clients/followers through a more nuanced lens.

🪩 A keen recognition of when community and effective marketing turns into control tactics with cult-like intentions.


Turn Up The Truth (Self-Study Program)

TURN UP THE TRUTH is my foundational program that takes you through the three pillars of leadership and the 3 pillars of telling the truth about who you are, no matter who is watching.

We tackle family judgement, communication styles, social media judgement and how to thrive through uncomfortable situations. We work on grounded confidence and develop the skills necessary to stand in your truth (and turn it all the way up!)



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