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The foundation

TURN UP THE TRUTH is my foundational program that takes you through the three pillars of leadership according to Dani (trust me - after YEARS of voice, performance work, and teaching in multiple environments... I can smell bullshit from a mile away and can read when someone’s not grounded in their energy within 5 seconds flat. Kind of my superpower).

1.  Identity on all fronts - confidence vs cockiness, being grounded in who the f you are, knowing your shit and self, being aware of your blind spots and healing that shit, seeing where you’re operating off of that makes people RUN AWAY from your offers (not intentionally but we feel the wonky shiz in your vortex), and why some things just aren’t clicking - including your teaching style and how you operate.

2. Full embodiment - learn my principles of social media consent, aligned action via my 3 step process to fully embodied energy,  and other things I have only taught from the stage and to private clients of mine.

3. Turning up the truth - even when it feels like people aren't listening (because they ARE).

Visibility healing, understanding the concepts of rejection, navigating uncomfortable communication (including miscommunication), understanding how to effectively lead even when you have people who disagree (without shrinking or feeling like you have to fall into old people-pleasing patterns), being true to you and understanding when you need to pivot to respect spaces without censoring yourself.

This foundational course does not have a sales page.

This is a 4 pillar (6 step) Course that lays down the groundwork of becoming unapologetic and magnetic online & offline.

One that addresses leadership style from who you ARE not just how you DO the things.


The foundation (1)


The foundation (2)

#UNPROFESSIONAL Is the course for boss queens who are ready to skyrocket their visibility, vibrancy and presence (online & offline).

Unapologetic Abundance

You deserve to be wealthy beyond belief - without holding back because of what your inlaws might think.

Full expression

You get to be completely authentic in your business - and no longer compartmentalize yourself into boxes of ‘this or that’, ‘sexy or intelligent’, ‘bold or compassionate’, ‘wealthy or woo’ - you get to be all of it and OWN THAT SHIT.

Give less fucks, own your awesome.

You get to step into what makes YOU qualified to teach YOUR work with full ownership of your expertise without shrinking who you are to make someone else comfortable. You’re here to shine.

Bold standards, big vision, and deep fulfillment

How to stop apologizing for living your dream life and cultivate the tools to go BIGGER instead.

This program is an intermediate style program for those who are already comfortable with having a personal brand and making $$ with their work.