TURN UP THE TRUTH (Self-Study Program)

The principles of owning every part of who you are (no matter who's watching).

This is your go-to course if you're ready to tell the truth about who you are AND stand strong in who you are, no matter who is in the room.

This self-study program follows a structure of 5 modules for you to take at your own pace. Each module is jam packed with the tools you need to get cozy with how your brain/energy/presence/leadership style works so that you can take your unique flavour of brilliance into your work online (and offline).

It combines aspects of intentional leadership with confidence work so you can learn to leverage aspects of what makes you who you are to create the life/career/social presence you desire.

I truly believe life is too short to try to not own the f out of what makes you an asset to every room you enter.


Kind words:

😘 "After the pre-work, I really feel convicted and seen!"

- Brittany got cozy with visibility

😘 "I watched the social media consent module and I just keep saying to myself YES!!"

- Jovana stepped into being more confident to be herself and embrace aspects of her belief system that conflicted with the industry she was in.


⚡️ Module one: Getting cozy with how *you* work (so you can no longer apologize for aspects of yourself that are actually assets to every room you enter)

⚡️ Module two: We put all your skills/assets/qualities together so that you can truly leverage what makes you unique. Your unique skillset/personality/energy/brain is what actually allows you to lead in a way like no other. I like to call these the three pillars to owning the f out of who you are (online & offline), they look like:


⚡️Module three: Defining success on your terms, unattached from the opinions/beliefs of others.

⚡️ Module four: Redefining who you get to be in your life (let's put it ALLLLL together and walk this shit out in real-life, real-time!). How do we shift our identity so it becomes our nature? We shift it all in this module (this module is what brings continual shifts as you move through the course principles' and redefine who you are in every new season).


This training will help you recalibrate what you consume daily to help you build a new perspective on what makes you fabulous (on autopilot because your entire environment actually confirms it!).


This program is self-study with two payment plan options!

Though this is a program that is self-study, you will have access to the alumni group upon purchase.


Hi I'm Dani D!

Author/speaker/coach and always "that loud girl in the coffee shop". For the majority of my life I felt like I was too much. Too loud, too scattered, too clumsy, too happy, too EVERYTHING. From being the emotional empath who grew up in a football family, to starting a career in acting at a young age, my entire life was built on mastering 'who I needed to be' to please the world around me. In 2017 I broke through the chains and went on a journey to discover what actually made me, ME! From there I built a career focused on leveraging my skills (not chastising them) and I am on a mission to help others do the same, because I know what it feels like to not feel safe to be who you are.

I don't approach leadership as a dictator. We are a community, we lead ourselves and we learn from each other. Your environment matters, your skills matter, your emotional intelligence and how your brain works - matters. The things that make you unique, will make you an asset. We don't bypass things like privilege, lived experience and trauma in my spaces. Your unique flavour of leadership does not distance yourself from your inner experience.