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10 Day challenge to claim clarity, conviction and unshakable confidence.

(and get ready to love the fuck out of yourself, boo thing).


10 days to becoming deeply #SELFOBSESSED: 

DAY ONE: Embracing your "EXTRA" (This is the one where you stop apologizing for who you are, and go big).

DAY TWO: This is the one where you remember who the fuck you are ...

DAY THREE: THIS is the one where you step into the the bad bitch that you were destined to be ... and then some. Crushing imposter syndrome 101 with the D.

DAY FOUR: Crushing the confusion and stepping into CLARITY, CONVICTION and creation mode.

DAY FIVE: This is the one where you ANCHOR into the safety of who you are 🔥😘

DAY SIX:  This is the one where you get to CELEBRATE THE FUCK out of who you are, where you are, and where you are going.

DAY SEVEN: This is the one where you RAISE your standards for what you get to have in your life - at all times.

DAY EIGHT: This is the one where you remove all shame from where you’re at - so you can fully embrace where you’re going.

DAY NINE: The energy of a mother fucking leader. This is the one where you own your worth as a business owner and get your energy behind your programs/services so you can receive $$$ and help a fuck ton of people.

DAY TEN: It’s all fucking self expression. Money. Business. Sales.  All of it. This is the one where you drop into the truth of who you are, and do shit *your* way.

  • Become a total powerhouse leader in your industry, creating potent and powerful content that speaks directly to your soulmate clients in an intimate way that makes them fall in love with you, your message, and your SOUL - which makes them obviously want to put a RING on it and invest in your offers!
  • Become completely unshakable in your confidence and unconditional in your sense of self, so that you can continue to show up powerfully and remove the DRAMA you've been putting up with around your finances, relationships, and your worth.
  • OWN THE FUCK out of who you are at a core, unfiltered, unleashed, and unconditionally.
  • Feel GROUNDED in your voice, and show up boldly in your message with powerful conviction in your work.
  • Feel open in your communication (with no need to prove yourself, justify your work or feel a need to convince anyone), you will be able to show up fearlessly.

PLUS! I am giving you a *FREE GIFT* upon sign up.

 The Take The M*ther Fucking Space meditation! 

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