Business launched doing what you love? Check!

Left a J - O - B behind like a badass to pursuit your dreams? Check!

Rad offer you're obsessed with? Check!

Money pouring in... 😬 nope 𐄂

The no-brainer *go to* person in your industry with clients up the wazzo?  😬 double nope 𐄂

Owning the f*ck out of your personal brand and showing up like you own the place?  ... ooo big nope 𐄂

                  👆🏻 See the connection babe? 😘

It's time to step into your business like you own the place - because you do.

This is the course to help you own your extra, step into your role as an industry leader and skyrocket your personal brand like a boss.

How would it change your life if you could wakeup with a lightening bolt of inspiration..open your laptop, share an  inspired message online or record a quick Instagram story sharing this epic idea you just had, then put the internet away to go make a delicious cup of coffee...Only to come back minutes later with messages flooding in your inbox from dream clients, massive engagement on your post and people sharing it with their own audiences because it hits home with them in such a refreshing way.


How would it change your life to no longer second guess your content, your work, or how you show up in your business.

How would it feel to show up unapologetically in your business like a total badass with nothing to prove, no one to impress and only results to reap.



This is why I created #UNPROFESSIONAL because you're fabulous, it's time to stop being so secretive about it.

Unapologetic Abundance

You deserve to be wealthy beyond belief - without holding back because of what your inlaws might think.

Full expression

You get to be completely authentic in your business - and no longer compartmentalize yourself into boxes of ‘this or that’, ‘sexy or intelligent’, ‘bold or compassionate’, ‘wealthy or woo’ - you get to be all of it and OWN THAT SHIT.

Give less fucks, own your awesome.

You get to step into what makes YOU qualified to teach YOUR work with full ownership of your expertise without shrinking who you are to make someone else comfortable. You’re here to shine.

Bold standards, big vision, and deep fulfillment

How to stop apologizing for living your dream life and cultivate the tools to go BIGGER instead.

You're ballsy, I like that about you.

Hi love

"I can't thank you enough for everything. You are one of the best coaches I've worked with for the deep inner work I need"

- Unprofessional student and private client.

I'm a pro at being loved and getting paid for being you, even when the world has told you that who you are is wrong.


Yooo wazzup, I'm Dani D and I spent 25 years of my life being 'too much', 'too loud', 'too over dramatic' and 'too big'. Like every part of who I was (including my physical body) took up too much space and caused massive conflict. I spent my whole life being other people, so much so that I literally got a degree in it (acting yo!).

If I shared how I felt - I was too dramatic.

If I asked for something - I was too demanding.

And If I was fully me - I was too much.

This got me into a pattern of relationships that deemed me 'too ambitious' to be loved, friendships that labeled me 'too bubbly' to be respected, relationships that showed me my intelligence made me a 'know it all' and a family that told me that being the fullest part of who I am made me 'too extra'.

The solution I followed for far too long was to blend in to every room I found myself in and to be a chameleon to every person I encountered. I as miserable, disconnected, exhausted and questioning myself every second. At one point I had a car filled with separate wardrobes so I could physically change my clothes from job to job and social squad to social squad.

I had a 'fuck this shit' moment when a friend of mine told me 'if I wasn't so bubbly maybe people would like me more'. "Screw that" I responded, "I'm never changing who I am again for anyone else".

Over the years I have gone from Chameleon Coach, to 'that bitch who people adore' in my brand. I have gone from 'the over deliverer' to a deeply respected coach who's clients honor their boundaries, knowledge, and energy. I have gone from 'how to manipulate a man to fall in love with me' (true story) to being deeply loved for the truth of who I am. I want to help you fall so madly in love with yourself that you can show up to your business with the fullest expression of who you are and make bank being you. 

Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 6.59.05 PM

This is the course that is going to help you take radical ownership of your life, your business, your relationships and the fullest expression of who you are.

Get ready to fuck shit up - unapologetically, and have your people fall madly in love with the truth of who you are.


What we are focused on:

Redefining Rejection - How to use rejection as an entrepreneur to go bigger, go bolder, and step into the most badass version of you.

Sisterhood - Creating safe spaces for sacred self-expression so you can play with the fullest version of you without judgment before you go big. This support group will be the most safe space you will ever experience as an entrepreneur - we got you boo.

Monetize your life like a mofo - How to use everything in your life to your advantage. The art of leveraging life in your favor so you can make bank, live freely and express yourself with ease.

Flipping the script on the shiz - How to navigate moments of 'too expensive', 'too much', 'too outthere' and use them to further your brand, your reach and your message without being an A-hole.

Taking ownership - the art of social media consent and making a scroll stopping platform.

Cultivating unshakable belief - In yourself, in your work, in your message.

Tentative Module breakdown (because we are running this shiz live yo!!):

These modules will be recorded LIVE with you in the group so you can ask questions, get laser coaching and be able to interact with these topics IN REAL TIME. After they are recorded, you keep them for life and you will remain in the Alumni community. 

This is a 6 week program to massively grow your visibility as a leader (without sacrificing what makes you a bombshell of a person).

Orientation module: (Instant Access Upon Enrolment) OWNING THE F out of who you are as a leader - cultivating unshakable belief in your work, yourself, and what you're capable of so you can *actually* grow the F out of your business and brand.

 Week 1: FULL EXPRESSION and magnetic leadership so you can be unapologetic in your business (without being an A-hole).

Week 2: Walking into your business like you own the place (cuz you do) and stop hiding from your brilliance. 

Week 3: Personal branding as an extension of YOU so you can ditch the curation and allow your brand to be a vibrant expression of your soul (no coaching chameleons or cookie-cutter content creators).

Week 4: *Wow them* - an approach to selling that is so uniquely YOURS that not only does it stand OUT among the industry but it feels so freaking ooey-gooey-good and nourishing you can't help but show up consistently in your work.

Week 5: Aligned leadership - full integrity in who you is, how you be, and how the world shows up for you (on repeat) so you can ditch imposter syndrome for good.

Week 6: Living FREELY - Stop apologizing for living your dream-life, how to be completely unapologetic about what you get to have, who you get to be, and what your life is becoming.


A 3 day series showing you how to LEVERAGE everything in your life for more opportunity, income and fulfilment.

Dani will be there *LIVE* in the group for all 6 weeks of the course. 



"(Before working with Dani), I wasn't my true, genuine self. I was hidden in this little rock that I had to break through. I was scared, I had been wounded, and I had been hurt a lot. I missed goals over and over again. But I always knew I was unstoppable. Because my dreams were big enough that I wasn't going to let little things stop me in my tracks. Working with Dani is a whole new level, a whole new commitment, a whole new deep dive. I knew I wanted that deeper root, accountability, support, love, and guidance. (Stepping into) your purpose, your calling, is way more important than your current situation and what has happened to you. I knew I needed that love aspect to heal what has been broken inside of me and I couldn't heal on my own to move forward. It wasn't until I stepped into my calling that I was like, "Holy cow, this is actually my reality before my eyes." And I get to help all these other women make that their reality too. I know I'm here to do big things, but not just for me, it's for all of them. It's for the legacy I'm going to leave."


“I have never felt so much peace, and so much clarity, and so much … holy fuck it’s actually happening” Probably the favourite message my clients send me every time I start