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Want to know how to manifest your dream clients? How to make heads turn in every room you enter? How to stop worrying so much about what your mom thinks of your business and gain more eyes on your work?

I got you covered.

In my experience group GET OFF YOUR A$$ & INTO YOUR LIFE, I take you through a Choose Your Own Adventure-style journey to your most magnetic self (more visibility, more opportunities, deeper relationships and more people falling in love with your work).

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The concepts that I teach in this experience group have also helped my clients:

  •  Go from food-stamps to 6 figure dream businesses where they travel the world.
  •  Go from "who even am I to do this" to sharing their epic stories with a mic in their hands.
  • Gone from 'just always shy' to recognizing they were holding themselves back from fully experiencing life, now they are unshakable in their self-confidence (now they rock everything from job interviews to auditions, to their side-hustle).
  •  Go from needy energy to owning their amazingness in the dating game.
  •  Go from losing their voice in a sea of coaches to being one of the stand out brands online.
  • ... AND SO MUCH MORE... like... confidence, and clarity, and badassery OH MY!!!

This group experience takes you through the exact processes I worked in MY OWN LIFE to go from: 

  • A broke theatre graduate to running a business that helps rebel-prenuers ALL OVER THE WORLD to own their extra and ensure their message is heard at a global scale. 
  • Having massive stage fright to be able to speak on stages (with audiences of all sizes), connecting to the audience in a way that alllows me to leverage oppourtunities for business growth, exposure and visibility.
  • Struggling with body image, codependency AND feelings of inadequacy around other women to thriving in my curvy body, having healthy fulfilling relationships and having amazing relationships with female clients, friends, and mentors around the world.




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Weekly Action Steps

To Get You Off Your A$$ & Into Your Life

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Signed Copy Of The Book + An Ebook Copy!

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