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The 'not yo mama's' approach to rocking your stage presence, mastering your 'it' factor, and captivating the crowd while owning the F out of who you are.

In this workshop we will cover:

  • Unshakable confidence on stage
  • How to harness your most powerful talk yet
  • Overcoming stage fright
  • Mastering your magnetism
  • Owning the f out of your “it” factor
  • Becoming known for what you teach on.
  • Having people come TO YOU to ask YOU to speak.
  • And so much more.

You will receive lifetime access to this workshop.

Old ways of public speaking:

  • Be a robot
  • Suits, and suits only (professionalism means all looking the same)
  • All speak the same, walk the same and be completely nuetral.
  • Overplan, always have cue cards, don't stumble or stutter.
  • Don't be yourself. Change everything to be seen as a leader.
  • Just be John Maxwell, everything else is wrong.

The Dani D way:

  • People feel your energy before you even enter a room.
  • Captivate an audience with your inner vibrancy.
  • What makes you unique is your power move.
  • Your message get's to be an extension of who you are.
  • Full expression.
  • Be you, nothing else matters.
  • Embrace your 'extra'.
  • Show up and blow the damn roof off the place, while being deeply loved for the truth of wh o you are.


The Fancy Bio: 

    Daniele Driusso is the powerhouse voice and leadership coach behind the Unleash Your Voice podcast. With more than 8 years of experience in voice and performance, Daniele has worked with individuals of all ages from emerging young leaders to well-known multiple 6-figure business owners around the world on how to connect to their voice and get really loud about embracing what makes them unique in this world. After exiting the womb “jazz-hands-first”, she quickly fell into a 18 year journey to mastering her work as a performer, playwright, and actor.. and now a leader in the personal development industry. She is now writing her first book that launches this fall called Get Off Your A$$ & Into Your Life which is open for presale now! 

     Daniele has worked closely with mentors such as award winning author of Bitter Medicine:  A Graphic Memoir of Mental Illness, Clem Martini, and voice/dialect coach Dawn McCaugherty, who serves as a faculty member with Canada’s National Voice Intensive. With this knowledge and experience, Daniele has created a strong understanding of both the written voice, and the physical voice. After a devastating financial situation that rocked her to a core, Daniele found herself on a bus with over 20 strangers to attend a leadership conference, that she had no idea would change her life forever and ignite a fire for being on stage, in a new way, in the industry of personal development and self-mastery.

     Since then Daniele has been the keynote speaker at events such as The Western Canadian Leadership Conference, where she spoke on the topics of identity, advocacy, communication and confidence, while encouraging youth to find their own voice amongst the noise of social media and societal pressures. She has also taken the role of Emerging Leader with CHF Canada, where she continues to attended events educating herself on leadership, bridging the generation gap within society, and opening up communication when it comes to socially charged issues. Daniele has also brought her knowledge to workshops at Universities, such as The University Of Calgary. on topics such as: Mastering Your Marketing Through Connection, Not Defining Yourself Based On Your Degree, and Breaking The BS Rules To Create A Potent Brand. She has also made a name for herself by empowering female entrepreneurs to disconnect from people-pleasing habits, self-judgement, and fear, so that they can plug back into their inner brilliance as industry leaders with her signature retreat Unleash Your Voice, as well as the Unplugged and Dream Louder workshops. Daniele has been featured on platforms such as Huffpost, The Brokeass To Badass Podcast, Yyc Girl Gang, and has had the opportunity to collaborate with multiple well-known Forbes contributors and influencers on her own personal platform. Daniele believes in creating platforms for personal development in a way that challenges individuals to be so wildly obsessed with their own self-discovery, they stop being wildly obsessed about other peoples opinions of who they are. Her mantra “You’re fabulous, stop being so secretive about it” has become a war-cry to her clients and students who continue to get their heart centered work to the world around them through intentional marketing, and unshakable confidence.


Leverage - FB Cover Size Ideas

(Master how to multiply opportunities,  skyrocket your confidence and watch your visibility grow at a rapid rate).

Have you ever wondered how some people turn ONE speaking oppourtunity into multiple?

Or one video into multiple podcast interviews, media exposure and book sales?


Here's the truth boo: It's not a 'what do they have' thing - it's a 'how do I leverage the F out of my life' thing.

Author, speaker, coaches - the world around you is waiting for you to leverage your genius so you can actually reach MORE people, sell more books, speak on more stages.

Why are you trippin' and waiting for people to choose you?

Make your own opportunities by LEVERAGING what is already in your life - and what you’re already a master at (so much so that you could do it in your sleep).

In this 3 day event you will learn how to leverage your brand, your business and your magnetism so you can leverage everything available to you in your benefit.

I will teach you the principles that have allowed me to leverage each opportunity I recieve into more ways to boost visibility, sales, income and authority in a way that is authentic to who I am in every way!

The topics

Day one: leveraging magnetism for massive visibility.

Day Two:leveraging opportunities to create more opportunities.

Day three: leveraging your best qualities to master selling yourself without selling your soul. 


Instant access upon enrolment and lifetime access to this content.