You're fabulous, stop being so secretive about it!

✨ Confidence, leadership & expression workshops!

✨  Unleash your voice, leverage your brilliance and own what makes you an asset to your industry.

✨ Build spaces that encourage your humans to express themselves boldly, own their brilliance and master their communication style so they can truly thrive in any space they enter!



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Workshop packages:

Virtual and in-person workshops for teams, masterminds and more!



55 minutes - 1.5 hours (virtual or in-person)

*Designed for personal brands, on-air talent and those who work with Social Media day-to-day*

HATE COMMENTS? Trauma dumping in the DMS? Unsolicited advice from strangers?! Family judgment?! OH MY.

Social media can be a battlefield which is why this workshop was created to cover the basics of SOCIAL MEDIA CONSENT, a framework that was designed to help support individuals who are the 'face' of their brand in the ever-changing landscape of social media.

This workshop covers everything from how to handle aggressive comments, unsolicited advice to how to create boundaries around their platforms to ensure their mental health is protected. This workshop is meant to put tools in the toolkit of those who spend time utilizing social media for their work.

Starting at: $450

I.C.O.N.I.C Leadership 

Can be 1 - 3 hours depending on your team

You are the leader of your life, your career and your relationships. 

This workshop previously known as "The Mindset Of A Leader", focuses on self-leadership and how that reflects in the relationships and spaces we occupy. This workshop focuses on self-advocacy, capacity, emotional intelligence work and communication. Using my I.C.O.N.IC framework It builds on the foundation of know yourself as a leader and also know what you bring to the table while honouring the brilliance of those around you.

This workshop has been popular for non-profits and national organizations to help leaders become more intentional with how they lead the spaces they are in and do so while holding space for their teams humanity.

Starting at: $450 - 770 (depending on duration & the needs of your team)


2 hours (Virtual or in-person)

We are here to take up space - unapologetically.

Previously known as "The Unplugged Workshop", this workshop is a hands-on experience that helps dismantle the lies around our body, our brilliance and our badassery. Choose whether you want to put public speaking, confidence and/or leadership at the forefront depending on the needs of your team. This workshop can be taught lecture style or through voice work that combines movement, voice, and expression. This will cover the unique way we each take up space in the world around us, and allows us to do so - unapologetically.

Staring at: $450

The Bio Workshop

55 minutes - 1.5 hours (virtual or in-person)

Stand in your authority and truly own what makes you an industry asset.

This workshop has been incredibly popular amongst publishing houses to encourage their authors to truly own their expertise and develop the confidence they need to market their work unapologetically through their bio. Attendees not only walk away thinking "Holy smokers, I'm awesome" but they also are able to communicate their value in a way that makes them an asset to every room they enter.

Starting at: $450

Build your own workshop!

Customize a workshop with Dani to meet your unique cohort of humans!

  • Confidence
  • Leadership
  • Public Speaking
  • Personal Branding
  • Communication
  • Self-expression
  • Emerging leadership option (confidence & self-esteem building for ages 12-17 and 18-22)

And more ...

Staring at: $450 - 850 (depending on duration & needs of the team)

What attendees have to say about it!

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- J.R host of the Western Canada Leadership Conference 

"Having Dani speak at the conference was the perfect way to wrap up the weekend!  All of the kids of various ages were kept engaged, laughing, and followed the visual instructions given to them by Dani. All of the people in attendance really enjoyed her speech!"

Referencing Dani's keynote speech on identity, self-Advocacy and leadership amongst emerging leaders.

" She opened my eyes up to things I haven't heard any other coaches really talk about!"
- T.S

"What a fantastic event! I highly recommend checking out Dani's page and going to one of her upcoming events! Thank you for having me! 


- T.M Attendee of the UNPLUGGED workshop


"Guys!!! Dani’s voice workshop was freaking amazing! I had no idea anything like this existed! She is so comfortable in her teaching style and her presence allowed me to really get into the work and experience a massive breakthrough. After the workshop, I felt incredibly expansive, I felt my energy was lifted and I felt so much more connected to myself. Who knew the empowerment that could come from voice work? I highly recommend her services!"

"Since the moment you told me about it I knew I wanted to go & I felt so amazing after. I was up all night just thinking, It's nice to be around likeminded people, it's refreshing!"

"It's not coaching, it's an activation"


Speaking & seminar options!

Crank up the tunes and get ready for a *confetti explosion* of fabulous!

From feeling like they are "too much" for the world around them, to feeling like they can walk into any room with their shoulders back & their personality turned all the way up!

From imposter syndrome to leveraging every ounce of who they are and giving 'comparison' a stern break-up text!

From feeling like they need to fit who they are into every room they enter, or morph it to meet the expectations of everyone in their lives... to truly feeling fabulous in their own skin (and with the skills to tell the world about it!)

They'll laugh, they'll dance, and they'll walk out of that room like they own the place, because they do.

About Dani Driusso:

The Fancy Bio: 

    Daniele Driusso is the powerhouse leadership coach behind the Unleash Your Voice podcast. With more than 10 years of experience in voice and performance, Daniele has worked with individuals of all ages from emerging young leaders to well-known multiple 6-figure business owners around the world on how to connect to their voice and get really loud about embracing what makes them unique in this world. 

    Being in the spotlight meant building a personal brand people wanted to hire and wanted in the room which brought her into the space of digital marketing circa 2016. 

From literally getting a degree in being other people... to building a career where she gets paid to be herself - Dani is committed to creating an environment where people recognize what makes them absolute assets to their industry, their relationships and their life. Hint hint: The things you often got told made you "too much" are the things that will make you famous. 

    Daniele has worked closely with mentors such as award winning author of Bitter Medicine:  A Graphic Memoir of Mental Illness, Clem Martini, and voice/dialect coach Dawn McCaugherty, who serves as a faculty member with Canada’s National Voice Intensive. With this knowledge and experience, Daniele has created a strong understanding of both the written voice, an the physical voice. After a devastating financial situation that rocked her to a core, Daniele found herself on a bus with over 20 strangers to attend a leadership conference, that she had no idea would change her life forever and ignite a fire for being on stage, in a new way, in the industry of personal development and self-mastery.

     Since then Daniele has been the keynote speaker at events such as The Western Canadian Leadership Conference, where she spoke on the topics of identity, advocacy, communication and confidence, while encouraging youth to find their own voice amongst the noise of social media and societal pressures. She has also taken the role of Emerging Leader with CHF Canada, where she continues to attended events educating herself on leadership, bridging the generation gap within society, and opening up communication when it comes to socially charged issues. Daniele has also brought her knowledge to workshops at Universities, such as The University Of Calgary. on topics such as: Mastering Your Marketing Through Connection, Not Defining Yourself Based On Your Degree, and Breaking The BS Rules To Create A Potent Brand. She has also made a name for herself by empowering female entrepreneurs to disconnect from people-pleasing habits, self-judgement, and fear, so that they can plug back into their inner brilliance as industry leaders with her signature retreat Unleash Your Voice, as well as the Unplugged and Dream Louder workshops. Daniele has been featured on platforms such as Huffpost, The Brokeass To Badass Podcast, Yyc Girl Gang, and has had the opportunity to collaborate with multiple well-known Forbes contributors and influencers on her own personal platform. Daniele believes in creating platforms for personal development in a way that challenges individuals to be so wildly obsessed with their own self-discovery, they stop being wildly obsessed about other peoples opinions of who they are. Her mantra “You’re fabulous, stop being so secretive about it” has become a war-cry to her clients and students who continue to get their heart centred work to the world around them through intentional marketing, and unshakable confidence.

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