Dani Driusso (1)

Welcome to the SHOP LIKE AN ICON experience!

I am so happy you're here! 

Before you strut-your-stuff into the shop I wanted to let you know that this shop is made possible through the help of an epic print-on-demand company named THREADLESS. Due to the print-on-demand style, your orders are printed at the time of your purchase so please allow a couple more weeks than your average big-name store to ship! 

All customer service questions/returns/shipping details will be under the responsibility of THREADLESS and therefore it will be up to you to contact threadless with any inquiries after your purchase (they are incredibly helpful and I have had nothing but incredible support from them).

You can also join our pop-up group for the shop where you'll get to connect with other ICONS, ask questions about sizing/styling/or anything to do with the shop and get first-hand experience from previous buyers. You don't have to purchase to join the group! Just join the free group here and enter the experience!

Right now the shop is at a 25% OFF discount for VIP's (that is already added to the shop - so no need for a promo code!)

Can't wait for you to feel like an ICON!