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The *membership* that takes a whole new approach to Overcome your fears, take action, and stop apologizing for living your dream life.

(*bonus* digital copy of my BOOK )



"This is great! I love so much about this." - T.C


"I'm even MORE excited to watch this come alive😍" - J.W 


"Dani is a FIRECRACKER, with perfectly placed 'f-bombs'" - Calgary Radio DJ


"This is EXACTLY what I need right meow." -L.D


"Please stop swearing on the internet" - My Father


Here's what you get! 

  • An online community ran through fb filled with people who are going through the book with you!
  • Action steps to get you OFF YOUR A$$ & into your life already.
  • EXCLUSIVE access to behind the scene's of the book process.
  • Sneak peaks of my personal writing process.
  • Exercises and VIP content that did not make it into the final edit, but you will get it FOR LIFE.
  • Searchable topics so you can pop in and say "I want to learn about ____ today" and have it at your finger tips.
  • ME ... YES, ME! I will personally be in the group weekly! 
  • Access to this content fo-ever-ever.

This experience will continue to grow as content grows so I would highly recommend hopping into this exclusive experience before the price goes up!!


Copy of Copy of The (7)
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Behind the scene's exclusive content AND an incredible community 

To Get You Off Your A$$ & Into Your Life

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An Ebook Copy!

AS A BONUS from ME!!!


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Exclusive Trainings/Workshops And Support

From The Authour Daniele Driusso

O M G!!!! SURPRISE!!!!

Here's a bonus gift from me to you!



And a sneak peak of my training within the group about obligation, people pleasing, and holding back on who you are in order to make other people happy.

You will get lifetime access to this membership normally for $400... BUT FOR a limited time I'm giving it to you for JUST $57!

This is not your normal membership. This membership is a choose-your-own-adventure style membership that allows you to jump into the portal at your own pace. Each day you choose how you want to move through this work and so we give you FULL ACCESS upon your first payment! Instead of monthly fee's forever, we do a flat fee of $35/month for a year and after that year you will have lifetime ACCESS with NO additional payments! (PREEEETTYYYY COOL If you ask me!)

Please see the TERMS AND CONDITIONS prior to your purchase!

This isn't the kind of work you go through once and put back on the shelf, or throw on a 'to do later' list. This is work you go back to throughout your life and it shifts with you as you evolve.

This 20-week process is meant to push you out of your comfort zone and get out of the 'milestone mentality' society, social media, and our parents have pushed on us since we came out of the womb.

It's time to take off the timeline, the societal pressures, the fear of what your mother might say, and get back to living your life already...for YOU.

These 20-weeks will take you through challenges that push you outside your comfort zone and show you how you relate with the world around you (so you can tweak it to own the F out of the life you've always wanted).

With challenges inspired by topics on relationships, rejection, confidence, business, self-discovery, being a powerful force of nature as a woman, and so much more.

Plus, these teachings are brought to you in a way that is not only effective but will have you laughing your ass off all the way to your best life. 

The concepts that I teach in this book has helped my clients:

  •  Go from food-stamps to dream businesses where they travel the world.
  •  Go from "who even am I to do this" to sharing their epic stories with a mic in their hands.
  • Gone from 'just always shy' to recognizing they were holding themselves back from fully experiencing life, now they are unshakable in their self-confidence (now they rock everything from job interviews to auditions, to their side-hustle).
  •  Go from needy energy to owning their amazingness in the dating game.
  •  Go from losing their voice in a sea of coaches to being one of the stand out brands online.
  • ... AND SO MUCH MORE... like... confidence, and clarity, and badassery OH MY!!!

and I want to share this shiz with you... for like... a limited time price dude, where you get a book in yo hands and exclusive content FOR LIFE. HOLY BALLS!

More About Daniele Driusso (Dani D)

The Fancy Bio: 

    Daniele Driusso is the powerhouse voice and leadership coach behind the Unleash Your Voice podcast. With more than 8 years of experience in voice and performance, Daniele has worked with individuals of all ages from emerging young leaders to well-known multiple 6-figure business owners around the world on how to connect to their voice and get really loud about embracing what makes them unique in this world. After exiting the womb “jazz-hands-first”, she quickly fell into a 18-year journey to mastering her work as a performer, playwright, and actor. 

     Daniele has worked closely with mentors such as award-winning author of Bitter Medicine:  A Graphic Memoir of Mental Illness, Clem Martini, and voice/dialect coach Dawn McCaugherty, who serves as a faculty member with Canada’s National Voice Intensive. With this knowledge and experience, Daniele has created a strong understanding of both the written voice, and the physical voice. After a devastating financial situation that rocked her to a core, Daniele found herself on a bus with over 20 strangers to attend a leadership conference, that she had no idea would change her life forever and ignite a fire for being on stage, in a new way, in the industry of personal development and self-mastery.

     Since then Daniele has been the keynote speaker at events such as The Western Canadian Leadership Conference, where she spoke on the topics of identity, advocacy, communication and confidence while encouraging youth to find their own voice amongst the noise of social media and societal pressures. She has also taken the role of Emerging Leader with CHF Canada, where she continues to attend events educating herself on leadership, bridging the generation gap within society, and opening up communication when it comes to socially charged issues. Daniele has also brought her knowledge to workshops at Universities, such as The University Of Calgary. on topics such as: Mastering Your Marketing Through Connection, NotDefining Yourself Based On Your Degree, and Breaking The BS Rules To Create A Potent Brand. She has also made a name for herself by empowering female entrepreneurs to disconnect from people-pleasing habits, self-judgement, and fear, so that they can plug back into their inner brilliance as industry leaders with her signature retreat Unleash Your Voice, as well as the Unplugged and Dream Louder workshops. Daniele has been featured on platforms such as Huffpost, The Brokeass To Badass Podcast, Yyc Girl Gang, and has had the opportunity to collaborate with multiple well-known Forbes contributors and influencers on her own personal platform. Daniele believes in creating platforms for personal development in a way that challenges individuals to be so wildly obsessed with their own self-discovery, they stop being wildly obsessed about other peoples opinions of who they are. Her mantra “You’re fabulous, stop being so secretive about it” has become a war-cry to her clients and students who continue to get their heart centered work to the world around them through intentional marketing, and unshakable confidence.

Limited time pricing: $57USD!