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Business launched? Oh hells yeah!

Huge goals? YEPPP!!

A Rocking personality? YEPP!

Money pouring in? Nope...

Owning the f*ck out of your brand unapologetically? Also, Nope...

You're a unique snowflake in your industry and people just "don't get what you do" - *tears*

You have all these brilliant - SOUL NOURISHING ideas - but people just don't understand,

When people ask you what the *tangible* result of your work is ... you get a hit of anxiety because do you even 'really' know anymore?

How would you even begin to explain what you do so they not only will *get it* but they will happily shower you with dolla dolla bills to be a part of it.

Your solution up until now: download a content planner, buy 3 courses on strategic marketing and put your medicine into a paragraph of 'buzzwords', 'fluff' and a couple "you can do it's" - to hustle and try to sell AT LEAST ONE SPOT (how embarassing if no one signs up and your audience see's you flop... again).

This program is for the babe who is ready to go from 'WHO DIS' to THAT B*TCH in their industry.

Who know they're meant for greatness,

Who know in their heart and soul it's time to light the world up unapologetically.

This is for the babes who know Dani is the coach to help guide them to that place.


Your genius marketing ideas don’t come from a content planner you put your email in to get from that top coach in the industry you’re drooling over (who you don’t want to *really* be like anyways because you don’t resonate with who they are like … at all).

Y O U R genius marketing come from leveraging the fuck out of who you are naturally,
Your skills,
Your talents,
The way *you speak*,
What feels inspiring to teach on right now (geek out dude!),
What feels fun for you,
What feels like play,
And what you’re really - like really good at.

That creates magic - magic that’s easy to be consistent with because it leverages YOU existing as the YOU-est form of YOU.

Then when people find you on the internet they are like "this is my human!"

Then when they get on a call with you they are like "this is STILL my human and this feels so good!",

(Haven't we all been there when someones profile does NOT match who they are in person and you're like - ummm, who dis?)


If you’re ready to make bank by owning the f out of your work so you can sell your shiz in a creative way that lights you up (and not be “just another {insert title here}”) then you’re in the right place.

This is a 4 month INTENSIVE that it is custom designed for YOU because...

🔥 You’re ready to take massive action with complete faith in YOU, your journey and your desires. You’re ready to put blinders on, kick comparison to the curb and walk back into your biz like you own the place.

🔥 You know it's time take FULL ownership in your business and you’re ready to get out of YOUR HEAD and into your heart, your body, your life again (with your full ass).

🔥 You have a rocking personal brand you’re ready to KICK up the notches on and FULLY express who you are through 😍 right now it's feeling a little one dimensional and you know you're giving the world just the tip of what you have to offer. 

🔥 You’re ready to ditch the dead weight that is keeping you stuck in INACTION - this means the opinions of others, people-pleasing patterns, craving for perma-approval and validation (that is the *real* culprit behind flopped launches, inconsistent offers, and little-to-no visibility in your biz).

🍑 so you can finally step into the leader you were destined to be and stop giving the world just the *tip* of what you have to offer.

🍑 also so you can show up with UNAPOLOGETIC, UN-SHUSHABLE, UNSHAKABLE conviction in you, your work, your life.

This 4 month container WILL include everything you get in my PRIVATE YEAR LONG COACHING PROGRAM, just in a condensed form.

This means:

- Lifetime access to my experience group/mastermind style membership.
- Lifetime access to #UNPROFESSIONAL my course to help you own the f out of who you are as a leader - unapologetically.
- ACCESS to anything I offer in the next 4 months of our container plus access to my CLIENT ONLY vault (past programs, meditations, customized trainings from past clients, etc).

This is for you if you’re ready to go BOLDER and stop apologizing for living your D R E A M L I F E. 🍑


"I started working with Dani when I was already a multiple six-figure business owner. I felt like there was a huge disconnect (with my content) and I didn't know why. (Dani) helped me realize I was carrying along an ancestral line of vocal silence. She picked up on that and helped me clear the energy, which helped me be much more truthful and profitable. I was able to get a lot more raw and vulnerable. She is a brilliant strategic mind, she really knows what she's talking about from a business standpoint, but her true passion lies in voice and in working with her you can really see that. So if you're considering working with Dani, run, don't walk. You really won't regret it, even just spending an hour or two with her will be deeply and profoundly transformational."


"(Before working with Dani), I wasn't my true, genuine self. I was hidden in this little rock that I had to break through. I was scared, I had been wounded, and I had been hurt a lot. I missed goals over and over again. But I always knew I was unstoppable. Because my dreams were big enough that I wasn't going to let little things stop me in my tracks. Working with Dani is a whole new level, a whole new commitment, a whole new deep dive. I knew I wanted that deeper root, accountability, support, love, and guidance. (Stepping into) your purpose, your calling, is way more important than your current situation and what has happened to you. I knew I needed that love aspect to heal what has been broken inside of me and I couldn't heal on my own to move forward. It wasn't until I stepped into my calling that I was like, "Holy cow, this is actually my reality before my eyes." And I get to help all these other women make that their reality too. I know I'm here to do big things, but not just for me, it's for all of them. It's for the legacy I'm going to leave."


N E X T S T E P S 

Click the button below to select your 'start date call' for the program. This will reserve your spot in the program while we take a peak at your application! If you have any additional questions you can leave them in the application. Once the application is filled out Dani will reach out personally to let you know if you have been accepted for this program and will chat through any further Q's prior to confirming your enrolment.


If no times are available please email to request a time slot.


“I have never felt so much peace, and so much clarity, and so much … holy fuck it’s actually happening” Probably the favourite message my clients send me every time I start

Like, seriously though


⇐     Don't you want to feel like this? 



"Dani is a legend - a freaking soul-sister biz bestie! I was at her retreat in April. Literally, I've seen Dani bring out and pull up things in people that are really blocking different areas of their life and business. They've been holding down something for so long and as you're doing some of this voice work, you really start to move the energy. If you're finding there's any sort of blockage that you're having in terms of expression and truly harnessing that space within, check her out! I think that the work Dani is doing is so incredible. Being at the retreat and using different voice techniques has helped me show up more myself online and also in my life entirely. Standing within that space, unapologetic, and knowing that I'm in my truth and it's coming from a place of love - (Dani's) work is freaking amazing!"


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Hey boss, 

This may be forward... But I think I feel a spark between us...

Omg, you feel it too?!

Well, before we run off to Cayman Islands, to elope ...

Let's start here, with an application call (our first date)!

*all info & details are listed in the application form*

If there are no times available and you're a ballsy babe who wants to start ASAP, please email