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Presence & Energy Coach, Podcast Host, Speaker, And Voice Specialist.

Let's be real, I am a leadership coach. I teach people how to truly LEAD, in every single aspect of their life.

I'm not here for quick fading results, 15 minutes of fame, or pennies per dollar type vibes. I am here for leaving a legacy.

Essentially, I'm here for life, and the living of it.

The spiel: I am the go-to gal for those who are not just wanting to run a side hustle, I am here for the trail blazers who want to publicly speak, want to build the retreats, want to write the book, want to build the brand, want to be the change.

I help the elite creatives, purpose driven entrepreneurs, and soon to be world changers, build a massive presence online and an even greater presence in their lives. I help them speak with power & presence. I help them get really cozy with taking the lead, and truly creating a movement.  

But once upon a time (circa 2015) I was a burnt out post-grad figuring out how to balance her art of performance, with actually being able to pay the rent. This looked like 3 jobs, just skimming by, a ton of teaching gigs, and a little ‘crying in the car’ during rush hour while I chowed down my supper racing to make it to my next shift, at my next job, at a location on the opposite side of the city.

But one thing has remained constant, purpose first, joy first, love first … then the money comes. Except now, I do it way better, in my way, on my terms, in a way thats a lot more fun (like I am talking trading in crying during rush hour, to crying as I stick my feet in the sand on a Newport Beach after a full day event dedicated to self love).

My values include being so wealthy you’re well fed, and you can give liberally. Giving liberally in ways that feel euphoric, and not obligatory. Loving your life every second of every day. Doing the shiz you love, and that you are naturally an expert at, who just happened to stumble upon some extensive training to master it. Laughing, and laughing a lot. Never taking yourself seriously, but taking your drive hella-seriously. Having the ambition to get to the top, but having the heart to allow others to rise with you, oh and Sangria to feel like a classy bitch when you’ve hit your target.

I am a coach to the elite coaches, creatives, and light workers of this world, and I am all for that dollar dollar bills - empire building hustle, but did you hug a loved one today? Or take a time out to put your feet in the dirt?

I am obsessed with helping you find the balance of it all.

This looks like this:

Helping the elite, shed their ‘obligation scales’ and make sales in their biz.

Giving you the confidence to finally hit the stage and share your purpose, while inspiring thousands.

Helping you to step back into purpose so you’re not talking about something you absolutely hate, because you thought ‘well this topic is good enough’ and now you’re rolling in the dough, but you also have to talk about it for the millionth webinar, and you honestly need 6 espresso shots just to show up.

I am here to help you ground your feet in the dirt, light up a room, grab that microphone and speak your work into the world, write the damn book, hold the damn retreat, change lives, and continue to create an income that supports your dream life — while still being able to live that dream life.

Presence in everything. Presence online. Presence in life. Presence in your business.

 Let's find what sets your soul on fire, and fearlessly pursue that shit. 


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