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I started to make a connection that there was 5 major moments as an entrepreneur, (from "keener" first day student, to deleting all social media to live on a remote island). These evolutions if you will, came with each step... each triumph... and each breakdown of success.

I went through these moments, and I thought I was massively alone in my journey -- so I started to get curious and see who else was noticing this trend.

There was a moment in their lives where they began to get stuck in a cycle of trying to "one up" themselves, or even worse, they would feel like they had to "one up" the image based off of a result, an income level, or a "one hit wonder" visibility boom.

They felt they were this epic inspiration on stage, but they would come off the stage and feel disconnected to the people who were moved by their work.

They would feel like they had a "rep" to protect, that there would be a a mask they had to wear in order to "up keep" their success.

They would wear the "success" mask on stage, a "good student" mask with their coaches, a "next level badass" mask at retreats and networking events, and the "perfect child" mask when they were with their parents -- holy smokers complicated, am I right?

The stress of switching masks to be a chameleon to other peoples expectations literally will drive you crazy, cause you to disconnect, numb out -- whether thats in relationships, in your business, in alcohol, drugs, emotional eating, or just disconnecting from people in general (hello isolation station!), because they didn't have the emotional capacity to be present, because they were consumed by their success OR their .

I have seen this (and experienced this) in SO many ways, now it is my mission to bridge the gap, and plug you back into your brilliance.

On. Every. Level.

That means, more humanness, more vibrancy, more life -- in technicolour, while you slay your goals.

This has become my mission, and now I get to help massively influential people like YOU - love your life even more, and fully express your vibrant soul.

Sounds rad, isn't it? It's because it is. 


We spend our whole lives trying to live up to other people's expectations of who we are (including our own), that we forget to stop, drop, be human beings for a hot second and have a f*ck ton of fun doing it.


My mission is to help you bridge the gap, and plug back into your bliss.

OMG - I can't wait to share what this has done for the women who have transformed with this work (check out their stories below!), and what this can do for every area of your life.


"I started working with Dani when I was already a multiple six-figure business owner. I felt like there was a huge disconnect (with my content) and I didn't know why. (Dani) helped me realize I was carrying along an ancestral line of vocal silence. She picked up on that and helped me clear the energy, which helped me be much more truthful and profitable. I was able to get a lot more raw and vulnerable. She is a brilliant strategic mind, she really knows what she's talking about from a business standpoint, but her true passion lies in voice and in working with her you can really see that. So if you're considering working with Dani, run, don't walk. You really won't regret it, even just spending an hour or two with her will be deeply and profoundly transformational."

- Erika Ashley


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      Broke artist turned successful-prenuer, turned unhappy/wealthy/visible-prenuer, turned “is mcdonalds hiring on a remote island?”-prenuer.

Hiding behind strategy/tools/roadmaps I created as the reason “why” my clients were so successful was my downfall. I was more obsessed with hiding behind the “tools” than I was with owning the F out of who I was — and the power of my work. This made me numbers-obsessed, results-obsessed, and always feeling like I had a persona to protect.

Think : “Omg what if they find out I’m *not* as successful as they think I am”

Dissociation, numbing out and imposter syndrome - a memoir, that twas my life — and it kinda sucked… like… A LOT.

Now I am OBSESSED with helping unaligned entrepreneurs reconnect with their mission, and break free of the numbers so they can feel truly fulfilled in their work… AND LIFE.

Imagine working every single day as a commitment to yourself, to connect, dial in, and FULLY express yourself in every area of your life/biz…

Like mmm isn’t that shit good?

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"(Before working with Dani), I wasn't my true, genuine self. I was hidden in this little rock that I had to break through. I was scared, I had been wounded, and I had been hurt a lot. I missed goals over and over again. But I always knew I was unstoppable. Because my dreams were big enough that I wasn't going to let little things stop me in my tracks. Working with Dani is a whole new level, a whole new commitment, a whole new deep dive. I knew I wanted that deeper root, accountability, support, love, and guidance. (Stepping into) your purpose, your calling, is way more important than your current situation and what has happened to you. I knew I needed that love aspect to heal what has been broken inside of me and I couldn't heal on my own to move forward. It wasn't until I stepped into my calling that I was like, "Holy cow, this is actually my reality before my eyes." And I get to help all these other women make that their reality too. I know I'm here to do big things, but not just for me, it's for all of them. It's for the legacy I'm going to leave."

That’s what we can do together.

Do you feel the spark too?

I might be getting ahead of myself but before we book a one way trip to Barbados, and delete our social medias … we should start here.